International WordPress Awards Looking For Category Submissions from Community

WordPress has climbed to great heights in the last 14 years. What started as a blogging platform today powers more than 28 percent of the Internet. The dynamic CMS can be used to create anything from a portfolio to enterprise site.

The first annual International WordPress Awards (IWP) is looking to celebrate some of the most impressive WordPress sites. The awards, hosted by Pragmatic, aims to “create a space where innovation flourishes and where WordPress professionals can share ideas that help shape the future of the internet.” Award categories, nominees, and winners will be chosen by the WordPress community and the team needs your help to get started.

Award Categories

Pragmatic wants you to help choose the award categories. These can range from Best Free Plugin to Best Education Website, anything that can be built using WordPress is fair game. The survey takes about two minutes and displays a number of categories to choose from followed by boxes where you can fill in your own.

International WordPress Awards

The categories will be announced over the next few months, at which point anyone is free to nominate their favorite projects.

WordPress is built on the community, it’s what sets it apart from any other CMS. That’s why the IWP Awards team is asking for community input at every step of the process. These awards are truly a way to support and celebrate the hard work everyone in WordPress does every day. You will be able to nominate your favorite plugin, your favorite WordPress site, or even your own work. Whatever you think deserves attention.

Innovation Prize

Along with category winners, the Innovation Prize will be awarded to one project that exemplifies excellence through digital innovation. The winner will receive $30,000, and will be selected by a private panel of experts. The panel will create a list of criteria by which to judge the submissions, but the community will have the chance to vote on what parts of the list should stay. This is a huge opportunity to really award someone who is working to change the climate of WordPress as well as the future of the internet.

According to Founder and Director David Lockie, “We are pushing the boundaries of what people think is possible with WordPress in terms of technology and solving problems.”

The team is still looking for another headline sponsor to join Automattic, Codeable, and Pragmatic, and is asking the community to get the awards out there. The more people that participate, the more representative of WordPress it will be.

This is really a chance to show just what WordPress is capable of, so start submitting those categories and think about what projects you would like to see highlighted. If you have any ideas or questions, reach out to the team.

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