Freebie: Emoji Icons by DesignBolts + Calligraserif Font – Instant Download

Another Friday comes to us with a new freebie pack. Today’s freebie consists of cool Emoji Icons set by DesignBolts plus an amazing Calligraserif Font by JLH Fonts. So what do they look like?

We all know that emoticons are used to express emotions that a user feels and goes on with while texting someone or being in a conversation with someone. When the emoticons are sent as a part of a regular text message, they can be classified as images and the message will become a multimedia one. When such emoticons are created, the cost of MMS (multimedia messages) isn’t included in any data packages, so emoticons are supposed to be used as the smileys.

Emoticons will help you express emotions in a great way and very easily. They come with limited characters currently available on iPhone, and they include a full set of emotions that make them really popular.
Why the emoticons are called emoji? Emoji are smileys used in Japanese text electronic messages meaning pictograph. The word emoji literally means “a picture (e) character (moji)”.

This emoticon icon set includes: amazed icon, anger icon, blank icon, blushing icon, consoling icon, cute icon, gad icon, happy icon, helpful icon, helpless icon, nervous icon, rage icon, sad icon, sadistic icon, sadness icon, unbelievable icon, weird icon, whining icon, wink icon. All icons are available in PNG, JPG and AI formats. Use Adobe Illustrator to edit a vector file.

Another freebie in the pack is a Calligraserif Font designed with a calligraphy pen. The font comes with alphanumeric characters, currency symbols, as well as punctuation and international characters. This font has been released into the Public Domain license, so it is free both for personal and commercial usage, and you can modify and redistribute it as well. The font comes in otf and ttf formats and also includes a Euro sign.

Don’t hesitate and download your freebie now!

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