Top Places to Outsource Content Creation for a WordPress Blog

To make sure that your site remains up to date with these latest practices and trends, you need to make several changes including getting quality content. Outsourcing content creation for your site is a good way to delegate the hard tasks and save time. Also, it’s a great way to get cheap and high-quality content that is SEO-optimized from professionals.

You may be great at creating the services and products you offer, but you may not be a good writer or photographer, so you might not have the time to create the content that is needed.

But how do you solve this?

So whatever you outsource needs to be done in subsidized cost, be of good quality, and delivered on time. When outsourcing work, you should consider delegating simple one-off tasks, hire an experienced freelancer to work on several projects or work with an agency on a partnership basis.

These tools will help you keep track of your content while also giving you time to work on the things you want to.



It’s known as the kingdom of $5 writing gigs. Every task listed at Fiverr can be done at $5. It has incorporated an extensive WordPress category to make outsourcing easy.

Here, you can find copywriters, digital marketers, translators, and graphic designers. You can get simple tasks done quickly with minimal supervision with excellent prices.



After the merger of the former Odesk and Elance, Upwork was formed. It’s the most commonly used freelancing platform in the world.

It has about 12 million freelancers, which makes it a great place to outsource your content. You will definitely be able to find what you need.



Freelancer offers competitive bidding processes for its customers. This allows you to pay fair rates for quality content. Some projects such as graphic designs start from as low as $90, which makes it easier to order a ton of them in the limits of your budget.

There are also plenty of bloggers and writers ready to add to your site.



If you feel good about your writing, but need beautiful photos EyeEm is the tool for you. Here, you’ll find over 70 million photos from over 18 million professional photographers across the world.

Purchase photos that will set you apart from stock photos.

Content Mart


If you want excellent content for your website, Content Mart is the place to go. In this platform, you get to post your tasks and choose a qualified copywriter to do the job for you.

It allows you to perform a background check on their profiles so that you can choose the best that suits you. You pay based on the skill level of the writer.


Just like Upwork, Guru is another platform where you can outsource several types of content in any field. It has a team of professional writers that will get your content written at a relatively low price.

Most of the big agencies list their services on this platform. You can have a look at their WordPress section. 

Pond 5


When it comes to music, videos, and sound effects, Pond5 is one of the leading platforms. With the largest selection of stock footage in the world, you can get content at an affordable rate.

With as little as $69, you can have a quality video to describe your product or service. The nature of content created in this platform will attract your audience.


Outsourcing content is very important for any business owner who is looking to improve their website and presentations. Picking the right site to get your work done also matters a lot.

You need professionals who will write quality content for your site. These platforms will help you get the best content you need within a limited budget. Don’t wait, start building your business now with the help of these sites!

Robert Morris is a writer and a marketing manager. Now he lives in New York with his family and works freelance.

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