Doc Pop’s News Drop: Torque’s 4th Birthday

Doc’s WordPress News Drop is a weekly report on the most pressing WordPress news. When the news drops, I will pick it up and deliver it right to you.

We just turned four! We made this cute video to celebrate. Thanks for watching and supporting us over the years.

Love WordPress News, but hate reading? This is Doc Pop’s newest little news drop!

This week is Torque Magazine’s 4th birthday. That’s four years of WordPress news, cartoons, videos, tutorials, and events! To celebrate, Emily and I made a cute video showing some of our favorite highlights.

Looks off camera: Roll clip!

[clip plays]

I had a ton of fun drawing those cards and making that video, thanks again to Emily Schiola for helping with this video, thanks to for that audio earworm, and thanks so much to you guys for supporting us here at Torque.

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Doctor Popular is an artist and musician living in San Francisco. As a full disclaimer, he is neither a doctor nor popular.

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