If You Check Off 41/50, You’re A True ’80s Girl

The truly, truly, truly outrageous decade to be a kid!
Posted on July 31, 2017, 14:16 GMT Brian Galindo BuzzFeed Staff Morgan Shanahan BuzzFeed Staff vk Share On vk lineapp Share On lineapp Share Share sms Share On sms Share On whatsapp Share On whatsapp Share On more Share On more Share On more Share On more More Share On tumblr Share On tumblr Share On stumbleupon Share On stumbleupon Share On linkedin Share On linkedin Share On reddit Share On reddit Share On googleplus Share On googleplus Share On link Share On link Getty Images Via candaceeatscake.blogspot.com Playing with this tree house and thinking that it was made for Fisher-Price’s Little People. Via cliqueypizza.wordpress.com Rocking a side-ways ponytail. Via pinterest.

com Collecting charms for a necklace or bracelet. Via cursitivity.wordpress.com Wearing plastic barrettes. Via sprinklepuffball.blogspot.com Getting a little bit of joy any time you had to peel off your Tinker Bell nail polish.

Via mentalfloss.com Cuddling with one of these before bedtime.

Via retronintendostore.com Fighting with your siblings over who got to be first player when playing Nintendo. Via psfk.com Being more than a little bit creeped out by Teddy Ruxpin.

Via etsy.com Playing with Fisher-Price Little People. Via cpsc.gov Making icy treats with one of these.

Via NBC Wanting to be BFFs with Punky Brewster and Cherie. Via Disney Wanting to be as cool as the kids on Kids Incorporated . Via Universal Pictures Crying at this scene. Via Disney Being creeped the fuck out by EVERYTHING in this movie. Via cuteordeath.blogspot.com Placing your stickers in an album. Via cuteordeath.

blogspot.com Listening to music with one of these. Via viralnova.com Almost breaking your ankles with one of these.

Via brainjet.com Having smelly feet after wearing a pair of these. Via horrorbuzz.com Collecting Garbage Pail Kids cards. Via fashiongrunge.com Wanting EVERYTHING Lisa Frank.

Via Hasbro Being obsessed with Jem and the Holograms. Via Warner Television Wanting to kick-ass like She-Ra. Via imremembering.com Playing doctor with one of these. Via mixingout.com Having epic playdates with your BFF whenever you played with these. Via Harper Row Being scared after looking at the drawings in these.

Via Henson/Disney Wondering what the hell Nanny looked like. Via etsy.com Being as excited about the L.A. Gear keychain as you were about the shoes. Via Warner Bros. Wanting to be one of The Goonies .

Via terapeak.com Having one or more of these. Via Mattel Having a few Barbie and the Rockers. Via Sony Music Owning a copy of this album.

Via Sony Music Listening to this album over and over. Via Warner Televison Wanting a Smurf as a pet/friend. Via babble.com Giving one of these dolls a new name as soon as you got it.

Via Disney Wanting The Disney Channel. Via PBS Being excited to read any book featured on Reading Rainbow . Via eurobricks.com Always wanting more Legos.

Via instagram.com Smelling you Colorforms more than actually playing with them. Via sammydvintage.com Wanting a collection of Swatch Watches.

Via brianaremembers.blogspot.com Having a scrunchie for every outfit. Via UMG Trying to dance like Paula Abdul. Wanting to be as cool as Janet Jackson.

Via etsy.com Using Poochie stationary. Via Universal Wanting to time-travel after watching this movie. Via etsy.com Getting lost in the world of Sweet Pickles. Via Shout Factory! Waking up early on Saturday mornings to catch this show. Via etsy.

com Having fun just playing with her yarn hair. Via etsy.com Obsessively sniffing this doll’s rose scent. Via thepartyanimal2.

hubpages.com Wanting to adopt a bunch of these. Via pinterest.com Cruising your neighborhood in a Big Wheel. Show me my results! Only A True ’80s Girl Can Check Off 41 Out Of These 50 Things
OK, so you for sure remember and did a few ’80s girl things! But, based on this score, I think it’s safe to assume you might be more of a ’90s or ’00s girl.
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You most definitely experienced a lot of ’80s girl things..


.but, you missed a few things here and there on this list. Maybe you were just into few of these things or forgot about them? Either way you had an amazing ’80s childhood.
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OMG!!! You’re truly an ’80s girl!!! (And of course, duh, you already knew that.) Now go remind the youngins that the ’90s and ’00s weren’t truly the best time to be a kid — it was the ’80s!!!
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