Classic Cameras + Playstation Flat Free Icon Sets – Download Now!

We are happy to share two amazing icon sets designed for your apps, websites, and other projects. Today’s freebie contains Classic Cameras Icon set in vintage style and Playstation Icons in flat style. Classic Cameras were designed by iconcubic and include 6 icons in the pack, as for Playstation Icons, they were created by Daniele De Santis and consist of 12 flat icons.

The Cameras set has a Kodak icon, 4 Leica icons and a Rolleiflex camera icon. Every icon is available in different resolutions as 16, 24, 32, 48, 64×64, 72×72, 96×96 and 128×128 pixels and come in PNG, .ico and .icns formats.

Icons are absolutely photorealistic and will suit for every photography oriented project. The set comes under the conditions of Attribution-Non Commercial-No Derivatives 4.0 International license, so it is free only for personal use but you can share and redistribute this material in any format. If you remix, rebuild or transform these icons, then redistribution is not allowed.

Another icon set in this freebie pack consists of 12 icons that include a circle icon, black and white circle, dark circle, a cross icon, black and white cross, dark cross, a square icon, black and white square, dark square,a triangle icon, black and white triangle and dark triangle icon. Icons are made in flat style especially for Playstation. They come in PNG, .ico and .icns formats.

Playstation Flat Icons come under the conditions of Attribution 4.0 International license, so you are allowed to share, copy and redistribute them as well as adapt, remix and transform them up to your needs. Both personal and commercial uses are allowed.

Hope you like today’s freebie and you find it useful for your project.

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