#FirstTimeISawMe: How dearth of diversity on-screen has everyone talking on Twitter

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Every year before the Oscars, there is a great buzz how artistes lose out on nominations based on their colour. Oscars 2017 made history with most black winners while 2016 saw no nomination for black actors. And if you think it is just restricted to Hollywood and Academy Awards, you are wrong. Over and over again, the debate about diversity on screen has come to limelight and fizzled out pretty soon. It’s not about colour but there is a great extent of racism too that can be seen in both cinema and TV shows. The question of diversity and all inclusive representation on screen in a positive light is a perennial issue.

Now, Twitter users are sharing stories about the first time they saw themselves truly represented in the media with the hashtag #FirstTimeISawMe.

#FirstTimeISawMe flooded the micro-blogging site is and threw limelight on the representation in media and pop culture about the otherwise forgotten or sidelined categories. Many argued that white and Western characters populated the entertainment industry so much that it seemed like a “normal” practice.
From Will Smith in ‘The Pursuit of Happiness’ and Wendy Wu in ‘Charlie’s Angles’ to Parminder Nagra in ‘Bend it Like Beckham’ – people are turning emotional as they share their encounters.

It all started after Netflix collaborated with Black Girl Nerds platform and iOne Digital’s Cassius publication to create the #FirstTimeISawMe campaign. Let us know about the first time your felt you saw yourself represented in media, use the hashtag #FirstTimeISawMe ! pic.

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