This photo from Amrita Singh and Saif’s wedding has gone viral on Internet

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For Saif Ali Khan , who is happily married to the Bollywood beauty Kareena Kapoor , his relationship with actress Amrita Arora must be a thing of the past. But it seems the Internet is digging old graves of late. Not exactly though, just that a photo of Singh and Saif from their wedding day has gone viral on the Internet, for no apparent reason! Well, the focus here is the ‘nathni’ or the nose ring that Singh wore on her D-Day. The jewellery seems to have come into the attention of the Netizens who are now comparing how big her nose ring is, as compared to other things like, for instance, the circle of life, their friend circle, the rings of Saturn, etc. Clearly, the Internet is now having a field day going to town giving hilarious captions to the picture.
Check out some of the hilarious reactions the photo garnered on the micro-blogging site. Amrita Singh ’s nose ring is also the kadda of saif Ali Khan. pic.
— Mumbaicha Engineer (@berozgaarhoo) August 21, 2017 Amrita Singh’s nose ring is actually a bangle pic. .