Top WordPress Hosting That Offers Free WordPress Host Migration Service

Have you ever seen a web-hosting that doesn’t claim that they are best?

The quality of hosting is usually known when we start using it.

Do you know that 28% of all the websites in the world is powered by WordPress, but the way we all use WordPress is different? 

28% of all the websites in the world is powered by #WordPress
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To give you a perspective; many of us might use only 10 plugins and many prefer to use more than 30-40 plugins on their WordPress site. Many of us use WordPress to run only a blog, many run an e-commerce portal, many users it for running a job portal or portfolio site and similarly, there are many more use cases.

In my one decade of experience with WordPress, I have used numerous hosting company and that gave me a unique experience of knowing the in’s and out’s of all popular web-hosting for WordPress.

It’s only with time that we get to know the true potential of our hosting company as our usage or traffic increases. Some of them are powerful hosting that sustains our website growth and many of them start giving errors like “500 internal server error” or “error connecting to database“.

As long as your existing hosting company is running your WordPress site smoothly, you don’t have to worry about anything. However, when the hosting is unable to sustain the growth of your increasing traffic or memory requirement, it’s a wise decision to move your WordPress powered site to a new host.

For anyone like fashion blogger, mommy blogger, finance blogger or someone like you who is not comfortable transferring the WordPress site from old host to new host, it becomes a real challenge.

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Well, if you are stuck with your crappy hosting company because you find it challenging to transfer your WordPress site from old host to new one, you don’t have to worry. There are few high-quality WordPress hosting sites that offer free migration of your site from old one to them. This is very helpful for non-tech users to leave the crappy hosting and move to a better hosting environment.

Here I’m listing hand-picked WordPress specialized companies that will move your site from old host to them for free. These are some of the best companies that truly care about giving a great user experience. I’m listing down options (from low price to high) and you can pick one according to your budget and traffic requirement.

The best thing about letting these hosting professionals do the migration is: They do the testing and usually you won’t see any downtime. This is useful for the busy site or people like me who don’t like to see our website going down.

You can read the complete post to learn more about these specific hosting or here is a quick run down of below listed top WordPress hosting with free migration feature.

  1. SiteGround
  2. InMotionHosting
  3. Kinsta
  4. HostGator
  5. A2Hosting
  6. Flywheel

WordPress hosting sites that offer free Website Transfer from the old host to new:


SiteGround tops the list of hosting that migrate your site from old host to new for free. SiteGround is one of the most reputed Webhosting out there and they offer all the cutting edge tech to their hosting users. Some of the benefits that you get when using Siteground as your host is; free SSL certificate, in-house caching mechanism, Latest PHP and excellent customer support. In the past, I have used their free hosting migration service to move my WordPress site from HostGator to them.

Order hosting from SiteGround

InMotion Hosting:

InMotion hosting is a great budget hosting based out of Los Angeles. They are a perfect hosting for those who are looking for getting started on a budget. You can use this offer to get their 6 month hosting for free.

With InMotion Hosting, website transfers consisting of 3 or fewer cPanel accounts, databases, and/or websites are FREE*. To take help of free site migration feature of InMotion Hosting, you need to login to your account management panel (Dashboard) and click on website transfer request to raise a ticket. Here is how the form looks like that you need to fill:

After submitting the form, you can check the status of your website transfer request directly from the InMotion hosting dashboard (account management panel). In case if your hosting is expiring in a day or two and you need to migrate ASAP, you should talk to their sales team using live chat before buying the hosting. You can mention your situation and in the majority of cases, they ensure your site is migrated ASAP. In fact, this is the same trick you can apply with any of the listed hosting companies here to ensure quick transfer of your website from old hosting to new hosting.

Signup for InMotion hosting

Kinsta Hosting:

Kinsta is a managed WordPress hosting and unlike above two, this is one of the highest package hosting in this list. They start at $100 and is suitable for any kind of WordPress site that needs a high quality environment to grow. Even ShoutMeLoud is also hosted on Kinsta from past 18 months and I can vouch for them. You can read my detailed review of Kinsta hosting to learn what they offer.  Kinsta offers free website migration and depending upon the plan you are, they will migrate one or many websites for you.

In case if you want to move more sites than what’s included in your plan, you can order more migration by paying a fee. To request a free or paid migration of website, you need to login to your Kinsta account dashboard and click on migrations and request for moving your site.

Once they receive your migration request, they schedule a time within 24-48 hours and perform the migration. In the case of Kinsta hosting, if you need migration on an urgent basis, you can ask the support team to take care of it. Usually, they are highly customer centric company so you can expect better turnaround time.

Check out Kinsta hosting

Other hosting companies that offer free migration:

  • HostGator: HostGator is another popular web-hosting that offers free migration of one site. Make sure, your primary domain name is the site that you want to migrate. Follow this tutorial to learn how to request free website migration on HostGator.
  • Flywheel: Flywheel is a managed WordPress hosting that offers unlimited website migration. However, they are not suitable for blogs which get high traffic and I find their pricing to be higher in comparison to almost all the hosting.
  • A2Hosting: Just like SiteGround, A2hosting offers SSD drive and free SSL using LetsEncrypt. They also offer free migration of your WordPress site from old hosting to new.

If you are suffering from Website downtime issue or internal server error, database connectivity issue which usually happens on an underpowered web-hosting, you should consider moving your website ASAP. As mentioned earlier, usually these website hosting transfer is done without zero downtime and you don’t have to do much apart from providing old host information. Rest everything is taken care by the migration team of specific hosting.

Personally, I have noticed many bloggers and digital marketers don’t move their hosting as they find the process of migrating site themselves as a rocket science which is partially true. As for those who are not tech savvy, they will find it hard to migrate and troubleshoot to ensure everything works smoothly on new hosting. Thanks to this handful of top WordPress hosting companies that offer free website migration and makes it easier for us to focus on what we are best at.

Do you know any other top WordPress hosting companies that offer free website migration? Let me know in the comment section below. If you find this list useful, do bookmark it and share it with other WordPress users.

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