Kangana Ranaut’s allegations against Hrithik Roshan are now hilarious memes, thanks to Twitterati

Kangana Ranaut sister Rangoli hits back at Sona Mohapatra: You are a black spot on womanhood
Kangana Ranaut is back and this time too, with no holds barred. The Queen actor was recently on a popular television show where she talked at length about her alleged relationship with Hrithik Roshan — something that he has always refused, complete with the support of his ex-wife Sussanne Khan . But Ranaut seemed like she couldn’t care less when she went on record to say how Roshan had sent himself thousands of emails from her account over two years to frame her. While many lauded the actor for standing up for herself and speaking so fearlessly, others like singer Sona Mohapatra differed . And many others on social media, especially Twitter, seem to have had enough of how Ranaut’s ‘bare-it-all’ interview was all over the news and the Internet, and decided to channelise their energy into making memes, and hilarious ones at that!
Yes, so many Twitter users decided they have had enough of the allegations and the counter-responses that made up from the Kangana-Hrithik controversy and decided to distract people by making memes using the interview’s subtitles. They took two instances from the interview, one when Kangana says “Tum aur tumhare pitaji ke paas toh duniya bhar ka paisa hai, (You and your father have all the money in the world)” and another when she says “Yeh log dhongi hai saare, (All of these people are fake/fraud),” and made these into memes that are ridiculously relatable.

Check out some of the Twitter reactions doing the rounds of the micro-blogging site now. Pic 1 : when you see South Delhi Girl wearing Adidas originals
Pic 2 : when you look closely and it is Abidas Originals pic.

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