Coded Matter(s) #5: Coding the Club

On March 6th FIBER and music festival 5 Days Off presented an evening about new developments in the production of dance floor environments, groundbreaking audiovisual live shows and electronic music.

This video report gives an overview of the content and atmosphere of this edition of Coded Matter(s), including some footage from the workshop and the Electric Deluxe Label Night which started after the evening programme. Featuring Simon Geilfus (ANTIVJ), 4DSOUND, Peter Kirn, Children of the Light and Matthijs Munnik.

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Additional credits

Electric Deluxe Label Night Footage:
Vincent Schrijnemakers

Murcof + Simon Geilfus – Music from their performance
Peter Kirn + Ganucheau – Fairytale fashion mix
Darkside – Golden Arrow
Abdulla Rashim – live PA in Berlin 09/03/13

Extra footage:
– 3Deconstruct –
– Murcof + Simon Geilfus –
– Onion Skin by Olivier Ratsi –
– PALEODICTYON – making of –

– Sound Spatialization Examples:1 –
– Studio Science: Lucy at 4DSOUND –

Children of the Light
-Darkside at Concertgebouw, ADE 2013