Yummomatic 2.0 update: import recipes using the Spoonacular API

Because the Yummly API was closed on 30 September 2019, I have rewritten the Yummomatic plugin to no longer use the now defunct Yummly API, but instead, the free Spoonacular API. This is great news for current and future customers who purchase this plugin. Check the Yummomatic plugin here: Subscribe to this channel to…

hello guys and welcome to a new video on
this channel I’m sorry from code
revolution so as you might have already
heard Hume Lee API was shut down in
September and one of my plugins was
using this plot this API if the plug-in
is called you mimetic so this plug-in
was using the humanly API and after it
was shut down the plug-in was not
functional and the great news today is
that I rewritten this plug-in and I
changed it entirely and now it is using
the spoon ocular API it is a similar API
which imports recipes and which actually
is free so the humanly API was not free
but the spoon ocular API which has
similar features has also a free program
so if you can check HERE the pricing you
can see free you will have 150 points
per day you will spend these points if
you call API notes by importing things
with the plugin so yeah we you can
probably import around 150 recipes but
this might be a bit lower the number of
this might be a bit lower because the
plugin also imports advanced recipe
information so it spends 1.2 list
recipes and another 1 point per imported
recipe so if you import 100 recipes you
will spend 101 points because one point
to list recipes and 100 to import
details for each recipes ok so yeah this
is the great news and this is the
updated plugin I left the you mimetic
name because this is how it was branded
before and I left the name like this but
now it will use the spoon ocular API
you will have to enter the spoon ocular
app ID here save settings you can get
the app ID if you click here and
register for spoon ocular with a new
account create a new account and they
will give you a new app ID afterwards
enter it in the plug-in and you can go
to recipes latest recipes to post
plug-in menu and go get started
importing some new recipes you can
search by keywords and here at the
Advanced Settings you can make advanced
searches like cuisine you can select the
list of large list of cuisines here diet
here you have diets excluded ingredients
like a comma separated list of
ingredients like eggs milk and so on
intolerance list you can find the
intolerance list for possible values for
this here so very let’s enter their
intolerance here for example post search
offset here you will be able to skip the
x amount of posts you want to not in
import and limit license if you want to
import only recipes that have licenses
that allows reposting of the recipe so
if you don’t have don’t want to have
copyright issues you should check this
or if you are using text spinning like
spin text using word synonym settings
field from the main plugin settings from
here then you should not up check that
checkbox because if you spin text you
will not have license issues okay also
you can require instructions for the
to be imported only so if you check this
checkbox the plug-in will import only
recipes that have instructions also in
the spoon ocular API database and the
rest of the settings are not changed not
changed and yeah this is the updated
plugin let’s also give it a try so let’s
import some soups let’s import five
posts with the keyword soup let’s search
for any search term here let’s limit the
license less okay so let’s make a
standard request and run importing and
it is finished let’s check our blog now
ok so here are the imported soups
let’s check also the Advanced Settings
here are the ingredients ok so I must
show you some steps that you can make in
during the importing so this is the
default settings the planning comes with
if you check here you will have get
extended recipe information which is
checked by default
if you check this the plug-in will
import ingredients and course and also
you can use these shortcodes in the
generated post content which will modify
the content that the plug-in imports so
these shortcuts can be used if you check
the get full recipe information you will
get this format posts if you uncheck
this and import posts you will get only
basic information for each imported
recipe so let me show you also this now
I unchecked that and let us refresh our
blog check our posts so it has almost no
information now
the title and the featured image so if
you uncheck this checkbox the get
extended recipe information you will be
limited only to the title and some very
basic information if you want to also
crawl recipes and import full
description for them you can check also
to try to get full recipe information
besides the get extended recipe
information this gets the information
from spoon ocular API and this will
import information directly from the
recipe post content so I checked both
checkboxes now let’s delete generated
post and let’s rerun importing and let’s
see what we will get afterwards
okay so importing is taking a bit longer
now because the recipes are also crowd
one by one and importing finished let’s
refresh results and let’s see what we
got here and now we can see that we have
advanced information like a small
description ingredients instructions
read more button and if we check other
recipes we will see similar results
so description ingredients instructions
okay so yeah I hope you will enjoy this
updated plug-in and I hope you will not
cry after you me because they had paid
API and now it is replaced with spoon
oculars free API which also if you want
to get advanced features from it and
more requests you can pay for it and you
will get one hundred one thousand five
hundred points per day
and yeah you can also import many many
posts using the free subscription also
but daily you will be limited to an
so yeah this is all for this update I
hope you will enjoy this plugin don’t
forget to subscribe to this channel for
more similar news updates and new
plugins and until next time have a great
bye bye