How to knit edge stitches in slip st (chain edge)

In this DROPS video we show how you can knit edge stitches in slip stitch (aka chain edge).

When knitting a piece you have 1 stitch in each side of your work that is an edge stitch. The edge stitch are usually not included in the pattern, and there are different ways to knit the edge stitches. This depends on what kind of edge it is, if it will be sewn later like a side seam, if it will be open like on a scarf or a front edge of a jacket.

Slip st edge / chain edge is great when you want a nice and decorative edge, like on a scarf or a front edge on a jacket. To get this nice looking twisted slip st along the edge, on every row you slip the 1st stitch as if you would knit it, and you purl the last st on every row.

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