A Course in Miracles – How to Undo the Doer – David Hoffmeister ACIM

The doer is the personal self and this self wants everything to be under conscious control. A Course in Miracles teaches us that, “Miracles are habits, and should be involuntary. They should not be under conscious control.” (ACIM, T-1.I.5:1-2)

There is no formula on how to undo the doer, it has to be under the Holy Spirit’s guidance. You cannot take personal responsibility for the seeming journey. You cannot as a person direct the undoing because the person IS the doer! Listening and following the guidance of the Holy Spirit and the practical application of the ACIM Workbook Lessons leads to experiences of peace and happiness, and that’s where the undoing of the doer occurs.

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Mystic David Hoffmeister is a living demonstration that consistent peace is possible. His gentle demeanor and articulate, non-compromising expression are a gift to all. David is world-renowned for his practical application of the non dual teachings of A Course in Miracles. His clarity about the function of forgiveness in spiritual Awakening and his radical use of mindful movie-watching in the release of judgment is unsurpassed. The purity of the message he shares points directly to the Source.

This recording of David Hoffmeister took place on February 9, 2019, at the Quinta del Sol studio in Chapala, Mexico.

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