Going Deeper with A Course in Miracles – David Hoffmeister ACIM

(Living with Purpose, Guidance)
Going deeper with A Course in Miracles means getting in touch with the Holy Spirit so that He can help undo your belief in specifics. ACIM is not meant to be used as an intellectual understanding to metaphysically gloss over specific problems that are still believed in.

“There are many problems on the level of form that will just distract you away from really your one requirement, which is simply to tune in and listen to the Wayshower who has transcended time and space and let the Wayshower direct you in very specific ways of how to collapse time for everybody. You see the difference there? Between just reading A Course in Miracles and going through this intellectually versus actually going into the goal of the Course which is to forgive under direct guidance of Jesus and the Holy Spirit and then to come to the happy dream. If you want a realistic goal, the happy dream is a good one.”

This recording of “Going Deeper with A Course in Miracles” with David Hoffmeister and Svava took place on February 9, 2019, during the “Undoing the Doer” online retreat broadcast from the Living Miracles Mexico Studio in Chapala, Mexico.