How to knit raglan back and forth

In this DROPS video we show how to knit raglan back and forth on a circular needle.

Slip sleeves on the same needle as body piece where bind off for armholes. Insert a marker in all transitions between body piece and sleeves. Now dec for raglan.

In this video we decrease each side of 2 sts at each transition on every other row, i.e. every row from RS, this gives 4 sts in stockinette at each transition.
Start 3 sts before marker; K2 tog, K1, marker, K1, slip 1 st as if to K, K1, psso. (For 2 stockinette sts in each transition: Start 2 sts before marker; K2 tog, marker, slip 1 st as if to K, K1, psso).

This video has NO SOUND – you must read the pattern to be able to follow this video properly. You’ll find a pattern using this technique by clicking here:

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