How to sew mattress stitches

In this DROPS video we show how to sew mattress stitches.

This is a common way of seaming together side-to-side pieces – like side seams on sweaters. In the video we use a contrasting color yarn so it’s easy to see what we are doing. If the tail from casting on is long enough use it to seam. Mattress stitching is done in the space between the edge stitch and the stitch next to it.

Lay the pieces side by side with the right side facing you.
Pull the edge stitch slightly away from the stitch next to it so that you can see the bar between the edge st and the next st. Insert your yarn needle under the bar. Pull the yarn through the bar and then insert the needle under the bar on the other piece. Work back and forth, inserting the needle under the bar on one piece then the other piece. As you go along you can pull the yarn in the direction of the seam and the pieces will be joined with an invisible seam.

This video has NO SOUND – you must read the pattern to be able to follow this video properly. You’ll find a pattern using this technique by clicking here:

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