How to crochet back and forth with two colors

In this DROPS video we show how you can crochet back and forth with two colours.

You can use this technique to make small motifs, vertical lines, dots, letters… When you crochet with 2 colors back and forth and you want to carry along the thread, then you just crochet around the thread you are not working with to carry it along. On the last stitch you make with one color, wait with last pull through and pull through with the new color of the following stitch. You can carry along a color by crocheting around it for as many stitches you want, then when it is time to change, you just use it in the last pull through and continue with that color.

If it’s not a single motif and you will use the 2nd color again later on the row, you can carry it along while working around that one until you need it again. Remember – when carrying along a color or more the fabric will become much thicker.

This video has NO SOUND – you must read the pattern to be able to follow this video properly. You’ll find a pattern using this technique by clicking here:

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