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C# Tutorial, Lesson 1 Part 1

A visual C# lesson for programmers who are not familiar with CC++CC# per se, but are familiar with other programming languages.

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PyMT Video Tutorial 1

Quick introduction to programming with pymt.

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SQL Tutorial: SQL is short for Structured Query Language and is a widely used database programming language. Get to know more with our latest video.

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iPhone Game Programming – Tutorial Update 1

So I’ve decided to try something different, which is to provide a quick update on what I’m doing via a screen cast rather than the written word. Its just a small video of around 4 minutes and shows some of the things I’m working on at the moment. Let me know if you think if…

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Programming/Problem Solving Tutorial

(Writing/Reading data) Write a program to create a file named Exercise8_22.txt if it does not exist. Write one hundred integers created randomly into the file using text I/O. Integers are separated by spaces in the file. Read the data back from the file and display the sorted data.

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iPhone Game Programming – Tutorial Update 2

Hi all and welcome to Video Update 2. This is a quick 8 min video just to show you what I’m working on for Tutorial 10. Things are hectic at the moment, but progress is being made. I hope you enjoy the video update and as always, it would be great to get feedback and…

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Apple Watch Tutorial – Learn How to Make a Simple Apple Watch App

Link to the Kickstarter Apple has released WatchKit, a tool to create apps for the new Apple Watch. I have created a tutorial that walks you through making your very first Apple Watch app – Emoji Dictionary. This tutorial is intended for anyone who wants to make Apple Watch apps, but no programming experience…

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Arduino Programming – Interval tutorial

How to write a program that fires actions with different intervals without using the delay() function. Configuration of the serial port and printing values is also explained. Level : beginner with Arduino. ( Basic knowledge of programming principles like if/else and variables ). Download the code examples from

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xcode tutorial #1: Hello World

This tutorial explains the basics of iphone programming, and how to build a very simple application which displays a “Hello World” label.

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iPhone Game Programming – Tutorial 10 – Part 1 – Game Structure

You will be pleased to know that the first part of tutorial 10 is now available for viewing. It’s taken me much longer than I would have liked to get this ready, but I’m glad that at least part 1 is out. This part of the tutorial covers the changes to the project structure I…