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iPhone Game Programming – Tutorial 9 – Sound Manager

In this tutorial I create a simple sound manager class that can play back multiple sounds using OpenAL. It also allows you to play background music as well using the AVAudioPlayer class. The reason for writing my own sound manager was to see how OpenAL works. Commenters on this blog provided some great links, see…

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Basic C Programming

This episode of the video tutorials will instruct the viewer on the basic principles and syntax of programming in the C language. This tutorial is geared towards those who have some programming experience in another language, and would like to understand the basics of using C. Understanding C is vital for writing quality Objective-C…

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iPhone Game Programming – Tutorial 6 – Tiled Map Class

The next installment of the 71Squared iPhone Programming tutorials is now available. This tutorial covers a tile map class which can consume configuration files created using the Tiled map editor.

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iPhone Game Programming – Tutorial 3 – SpriteSheet Class

Hi all and welcome to Tutorial 3 in my iPhone Programming series on creating an OpenGL game. This video runs for 46 minutes and covers changes to the project so far which are based on feedback I have had in the blog and also the creation of the SpriteSheet class.

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Xcode 3.0 Tutorial

An introduction to Xcode 3.0 and Interface Builder 3.0 with a simple programming tutorial. Enjoy this tutorial? I’m now working on a complete podcast series on programming in Xcode called Hot Cocoa. Check it out here:

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iPhone Game Programming – Tutorial 5 – Animation Class

Tutorial 5 is now uploaded and ready to view and runs for around 37mins. This tutorial covers the Animation class which allows you to specify a series of sprites which are displayed on screen in order. This class allows you to add any number of frames to an animation and also specify how long each…

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Flytec 6015 – Route Programming and Flying Tutorial

This is a brief tutorial on how to program a route into your Flytec 6015 Variometer. Created for pilots competing in the Rat Race Paragliding Competition at Woodrat in Southern Oregon.

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UITableView iPhone Programming Tutorial

Teaches how to populate a UITableView instance.

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Programming a module in Modul8 with Python [Tutorial]

Step by step tutorial to program a modul in Modul8 using the scripting language Python. More info in


Java Programming Step by Step Video Tutorial

Buy the full video at Learn Java & Object Oriented programming using this easy to follow, step-by-step video tutorial designed for fast learning. This tutorial is aimed at beginners a) Planning a career in Java b) College students in Java 101 c) High School students preparing for the AP Computer Science A exam. No…