Glitch Codec Tutorial [glitch art demo] full tutorial

a tutorial on the technical, theoretical, and critical process of glitch art in six parts.

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3D Waveform Tutorial from “An Introduction to TouchDesigner”

3D Waveform tutorial from “An Introduction to TouchDesigner”.

For more information on this learning resource and to download the full book, with hours of HD video and project files, visit

An Introduction to TouchDesigner offers a practical and thorough overview to beginners while offering insightful techniques to advanced users gleaned from years of mission- critical development and deployment. In addition to the main textbook, a multitude of example TouchDesigner project files are included along with hours of HD Video walkthroughs and tutorials.

Written in LaTex, all of the book’s source code is available on GitHub [] to allow anyone to branch, pull, edit, add, delete, amend the text or build specific versions for content, print, size, etc.

Licensed as a Creative Commons work, An Introduction to TouchDesigner is completely free of charge.

About the author:

Elburz Sorkhabi is the Technical Director at nVoid Art-Tech Ltd and one of the leading authorities on TouchDesigner. He has worked on product launches, permanent architectural installations, and world wide tours with such brands and iconic names such as google, Kanye West, Giorgio Armani, Nike, Bionic League, the Seattle Art Museum, Verizon, the National Museum of Scotland, Derivative, Nuit Blanche, MacLaren Momentum, Informa Canada, and Random Media Core.. Elburz has lead and deployed teams across the world, from Los Angeles, New York City, San Francisco, Seattle, Toronto, Montreal, Shanghai, Dubai, and across Europe.

About nVoid Art-Tech Ltd:

nVoid is a Toronto-based company that has provided services and programming for some of the largest TouchDesigner installations in the world, including Under Armour, the Toronto International Film Festival, the Burj Khalifa, Doug Aitken Workshop and many more across the US, Europe, Middle East, and Asia.
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How to Build an Artist Website with WordPress

One of the biggest pieces of feedback that I received from the Abundant Artist Community courses was that there was a LOT of content to go through. People need a simple win.

I put this together to show you how you can create a simple, clean artist website in just 10 minutes. This video takes you through the steps of signing up for hosting, installing WordPress in Bluehost, adding a great art template, adding pages, and configuring your menus so that your site is presentation ready.

You can sign up with Bluehost here: (affiliate link)

There is a lot more that you can do with your artist website, but this video will show you how to get the very basics.
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