Parallax Camera Mapping // Tutorial

Donut Double Full Piece:
Project files:


James McKenzie – @greatbignerd –

I’ve been using this basic technique for a while now and haven’t seen a resource that really shows how to do it. Thought I’d share.

I tried to make the project file as small as possible. I put the original master PSD along with PNG and JPEG layers.

I also added in a bonus project file of my favorite one, it’s a bit more complicated but same techniques. Enjoy!
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Java problem programming solving WordPress

Programming/Problem Solving Tutorial

(Writing/Reading data) Write a program to create a file named Exercise8_22.txt if it does not exist. Write one hundred integers created randomly into the file using text I/O. Integers are separated by spaces in the file. Read the data back from the file and display the sorted data.
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