Tranquilizing Capsule [Concept]

This project was based on the research of Induced Motion. The objective was to explore how moving patterns of nature can impact on the human perception therefore result in a state of tranquilization. This research was accomplished by capturing the moving patterns of water through an unfamiliar observation.

The concept of this research was initially from the study of Motion Perception. Motion Perception is an act of collection in speed and directions of one or many objects from a scene. Human perceive motion in 3 interesting ways, we perceive in still by keeping both the head and eyes on a moving object/objects passing in front of us as well as keeping the head still and follow the movements only with our eyes. We can also keep our eyes still and only move the head to follow a movement.

This research was built on the foundation of perceiving in still, in another word induced motion. This way of perceiving causes a sense of false impression on the movement of a stationary object in the presence of the movements from its surrounding objects; this form of perception physiologically tranquilize the consciousness of human brain into a sense of serenity. The purpose of this research was to design an installation that allows individuals to experience the quality of calmness through perceiving the natural environment from an unfamiliar approach.

The video captures for this research were carefully considered for the purpose of demonstrating water patterns in the 4 states of forms. These are Obvious, Hidden, Chaotic and Turbulent. Each of these 4 patterns contains an unique emotion that induces the human brain to react to. And every one of the 4 videos acts as a solution that conducts to a human emotion.

The Obvious Pattern of water was captured beautifully but presented upside down. This slight distortion in perception demonstrates the reaction of curiosity. Curiosity is an emotion that activates the human brain to comprehend and anticipate new information. This video urges the individual to observe the hyperbolic movements up to a long period of time. Which carries human consciousness to a state of hypnosis.

The Hidden Pattern was to explore the enchantment in human emotion. This was implemented through the unfocused capture of water waves; the interesting aspect of this emerged through the magnified flares in the foreground and the lingering movements in the background.

The Chaotic Pattern was focused on the anxiety, having water played sideways; it draws an individual’s frustration away and assists the flow in a trend of thought.

The video for Turbulent was very intense on visual, and this was targeted on stress. The patterns are very chaotic therefore by observing for a period of time it creates a sense of disturb, which works in an opposing way in comparison to the other 3. It offers a series of disturbing images, which forces an individual to desire for relaxation.

The ambient sound of water has been widely used for the purpose of relaxation. The sound in this project was composed using two water sounds, one was the sound of water waves, and the second one was an echo sound of water from a seashell. The two sounds were put together and played in reverse. The changes in effects are not too obvious, but when listened carefully with the visuals, it generates a harmonizing effect that tranquilize your thoughts and puts you into a meditation state.

The Installation:
This installation was designed for the purpose to isolate individuals from the distractions in a present environment. This installation is a portable entity that contains 4 enormous screens that each displays a form of water patterns. Individuals sit inside feeling completely embraced by the tranquilizing patterns, which allows them to mesmerize and meditate.

The findings from this research demonstrated what human perceive led to emotions. By observing from an unfamiliar perspective it helps to comfort an individual’s trend of consciousness, therefore induces the emotions to a state of tranquilization. The results from this research demonstrated to be positive and efficient.

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VHS Glitch Tutorial Pt. 2: Chroma Split, Wave Expressions, Procedural Value Manipulation

Part 2, following on from the last part. I’d made some small tweaks before starting record on this, but it shouldn’t matter as I’m intending for this to be more of a general guide with some tips/tricks and theory, rather than a step-by-step to be followed.

There’s a few random cuts here and there, some labelled, some not. This is usually where I started going down a path that didn’t work and I just deleted it and reverted back to where I started. Give me a shout if there’s anything confusing in there! Will post a follow up in the weeks to come, getting some more design elements in there and more polish on the look.

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RealFlow’s 2015 maelstrom simulation. Hybrido

I made a simulation with Hybrido which has a vortex and noise daemon. Also, falloffs have been activated for daemons, I’m making a tutorial about this simulation. It will be soon.

If you want to see the tutorial about this scene go to

Frames : 600
Hybrido particles : 40mill
Bubbles&Foam: 8mill
Mesh : 3millions
Simulation Time: 18h HY + 2h B&F + 12h meshing.

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Metasploit Framework Tutorial 1

A simple example of Computer Network Exploitation using the Metasploit Framework

The victim is a Windows XP box with Internet Explorer 6.
The connection is received after the victim has clicked on an image or link with the IP of the attacker machine at port 8080.

Attack and Screencapture by Carlito Brigante

This tutorial was an enticing challenge for me. It’s the first time I edit someone else’s footage. And it’s the first time I handle footage of this kind: plain and obscure screencaptures.
Editing this video was a real creative fun: I couldn’t help caring for composition, sound, pace and meanings. Besides I learned a lot of technical tricks. Next time I hope to spend less than 20 hours for editing a screencast. 🙂

Except for that, this video is a failure: too artistic to be a useful tutorial, too a technical content to be somewhat artistic. I won’t edit another one.

Technical note
Compare the quality and the Vimeo support of the two versions of this video:
1. this 18.40MB HD file – MP4 H.264/AAC
(rendered and encoded following the_source’s tips at
2. the other 48.70 MB SD file – OGG Theora/Vorbis —
(direct rendering to OGG, max quality)
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animation chetal color color correction compositing gazdar gradient nuke the foundry tint Tutorial vfx WordPress

Nuke Tutorial : Create Gradient Gizmo

In this tutorial I am going to show you how to create a Gizmo in nuke to apply gradient on your footage.

Good thing is that I am not using any expression/script/programming to achieve this.

Through this Gizmo you can subtly tint an image or radically change its color palette.

You can also download this Gizmo from

BG Music:
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Using the Media Library in WordPress

In this video you will get an overview of the media library and how to upload images.

To see the full tutorial including 3 more videos, text and screenshots, visit this post:
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WordPress Up and Running w/ Mamp & VirtualHostX


In this tutorial I show you guys how to simply get WordPress to run locally on your Mac using Mamp & Virtualhost X
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feel free to hit me up with any questions / problems
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Massive Dynamic – The Future of WordPress

We made this video for our latest WordPress product. Main point of this project was a revolutionary website builder powered by WordPress and creating websites without coding skills. Built with the most advanced technologies of coding, programming, and the most beautiful design trends. Designed and developed on WordPress platform. It means you can create a whole website in minutes!
So we tried to do our best in this work by using white spaces, camera cuts, attention to details and showing featurs in corporate style.
Available soon on
Try beta version for free :
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How to install WordPress

Learn how to install a fresh copy of WordPress from scratch following this video tutorial. This is very helpful for users that have little to zero WP skills and don’t know how to install it.
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Facebook fan page WordPress plugin

Build your own custom Facebook fan page using this WordPress plugin!
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