Metasploit Framework Tutorial 1

A simple example of Computer Network Exploitation using the Metasploit Framework

The victim is a Windows XP box with Internet Explorer 6.
The connection is received after the victim has clicked on an image or link with the IP of the attacker machine at port 8080.

Attack and Screencapture by Carlito Brigante

This tutorial was an enticing challenge for me. It’s the first time I edit someone else’s footage. And it’s the first time I handle footage of this kind: plain and obscure screencaptures.
Editing this video was a real creative fun: I couldn’t help caring for composition, sound, pace and meanings. Besides I learned a lot of technical tricks. Next time I hope to spend less than 20 hours for editing a screencast. 🙂

Except for that, this video is a failure: too artistic to be a useful tutorial, too a technical content to be somewhat artistic. I won’t edit another one.

Technical note
Compare the quality and the Vimeo support of the two versions of this video:
1. this 18.40MB HD file – MP4 H.264/AAC
(rendered and encoded following the_source’s tips at
2. the other 48.70 MB SD file – OGG Theora/Vorbis —
(direct rendering to OGG, max quality)
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