“In the beginning it was all black and white.“ ―Maureen O’Hara

The world isn’t black and white, but maybe sometimes it is best viewed in it. Black and white photography allows us as the viewers to infer colors, to see contrast and requires us to look deeper into the photograph.

I have always been drawn to B&W photography. Whether it was the street photography of Henri Cartier-Bresson or the dramatic landscapes of Ansel Adams, the starkness of the images spoke to me. I wanted to create a Black and White Nightscape Time-lapse because there is something special about the tonality of the night sky and how it lends itself to being monochromatic.

Many times as photographers we will look at an image that doesn’t look quite right or doesn’t have brilliant lighting and a colorful sunset and say, “I’ll just convert it to black and white to save it.” However, I have found that usually creates a bland B&W image. Black and white photos need to invoke emotion without the help of color. They are pure. They need to be powerful.

When going through my library to select time-lapses to convert to black and white for this short film, I found that many times clips that looked great in color didn’t work as well in black and white and I actually had to be more selective.

I hope you will take a few minutes to watch this short time-lapse.


Photography Portfolio:


Locations in this film include:
Ancient Bristlecone National Forest, CA
Anza Borrego State Park, CA
Bryce Canyon, UT
Cascade Mountains, WA
Dead Horse Point State Park, UT
Death Valley National Park, CA
Grand Canyon National Park, AZ
Joshua Tree National Park, CA
Mount Hood, OR
Mount Rainier National Park, WA
Owens Valley Radio Observatory, CA
Spouting Horn, Kauai, HI
Tehachapi Pass Wind Farm, CA
Trona Pinnacles, CA
Yosemite National Park, CA
Zion National Park, UT


Aaron Keigher’s Equipment:
Canon EOS 6D
Sony a7s
Rokinon 14mm f2.8
Canon 16-35mm f2.8
Canon 24-105mm f2.8
Rokinon 24mm TS f3.5
Canon 35mm f2
Canon 50mm f1.8
Canon 70-200mm f2.8
Canon 300mm f4
Emotimo TB3 Black 3-Axis Motion Controller
Dynamic Perception Stage-R Pan/Tilt Modular Digital System w/NMX Pro Motion Controller
Dynamic Perception Stage-One Slider

Software Used:
Adobe After Effects CC
Adobe Lightroom CC
Adobe Photoshop CC
DaVinci Resolve
Final Cut Pro X
GB Deflicker
LR Timelapse 4
Photo Ninja
Neat Noise
qDSLR Dashboard