Into the Night

“Into the Night” is a project of light and colour that tries to show Barcelona, its surroundings and some specific areas of Catalonia, from a different, unusual and cinematic point of view.

To achieve that, has been used the time-lapse technique, which allows to capture the time at specified intervals, frame-by-frame, using mostly, in this case, long exposure.

Part of the project has been made in the so-called blue hour, whose diffused light has some features that allow to capture spectacular sunrises or sunsets full of warm colors thanks to the position of the sun relative to the horizon. It is in these moments when the skies still have shades of color and the natural light is mixed with the artificial light of the city, thus being able to capture skies in detail and urban buildings illuminated simultaneously.

This has been a photographic adventure of understanding the light and color of the night. An opportunity to observe the urban space and its density and to contemplate how these elements converge. An exercise of patience and perseverance throughout dozens of nights and dawns of cold carrying heavy stuff. And of course many hours of postproduction.

I want to take this opportunity to thank the support that Miriam Morales has given me throughout the project, the help of Antonio Morales in some shots, Elisabet de Loreto for getting the access to various locations, Guillem Rejon for the excellent music composed for the occasion, Albert Pérez from Casanova fotografia, and especially Oscar Segura, who has been my right hand in this project and without whose help this would not have been possible. Thank you very much to you all! Hope you like it and thanks for watching!

Please watch it in full screen HD with sound on for best experience. Feel free to share or embed this video for non-commercial purposes, but do not re-upload it anywhere without my written permission.

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Music by Guillem Rejón