Image Size WordPress Plugin Walkthrough

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Image Size
Image Size is a simple and powerful WordPress plugin that helps you resize an image on-the-fly. Now you don’t have to worry about the limited number of sizes WordPress allows for each image. With Image Size, create as many as you need as you need them!

WordPress theme developers can use the image creation function when developing a theme, and anyone can use the widget and shortcode generator. Image Size is perfect for creating a larger banner image, medium size promo image, and small thumbnail all from the same original image file!

To create an image, give Image Size the id or url of an image on your server along with necessary dimensions and it will create and display the image tag for you. It’s easy to use for developers and authors!

Plugin Features:

Image Creation Function
With this function, theme developers can pass in the id or URL of an image, its new dimensions to display and an optional array of attributes (id, class, alt, etc) to receive a formatted image tag. Works great when capturing an image id or URL in a custom field to display with a page, post or custom type.

Use the widget to add images to your sidebars and give each image a link, title, class and alt tag. Perfect for ads or promos!

Short Code Generator
Image Size has a short code so you can add a resized image right into your content. Type it out or use the Short Code Generator which is integrated into the media library and paste the code into your content to add a image.

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